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Shahbaz Sharif is elected the new Prime Minister of Pakistan

Parliament elections should be held in October 2023

Pakistan’s parliament is in opposition deputy Shahbaz Sharifhas elected a new prime minister. The day before, the incumbent Prime Minister Imran Khana no-confidence vote was held.

Sharif, 70, president of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), has not been prime minister for three terms and has been convicted of corruption. Nawaz Sharifis the younger brother of.

Qureshi’s candidacy was withdrawn

From Imran Khan’s party before voting deputies left the parliament. The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party is a former foreign minister Shah Mahmud Qureshiwithdrew his candidacy.

“We are boycotting the elections and resigning in accordance with the decision of our party”– from Qureshi PTI 10More than 0 deputy said in a speech before leaving parliament.

Khana, who has been in power for more than three years, voted no confidence in April 10was held in the morning. Lasting weeks political After the crisis, the opposition united with him snowhas taken such a step.

Opposition parties won 174 votes in the 342-seat parliament in a no-confidence vote.

Khan’s claim

Trying to prevent the vote, Khan tried to dissolve the parliament and hold early elections. But Ali The court decided to hold a vote of no confidence.

Parliament elections should be held in October 2023.

Khan says he will not recognize the opposition government, Russia and China snowThe United States blamed him for refusing to act with Washington snowHe claimed to have made such a plan.

Washington has denied the allegations, but Khan has not provided any evidence to substantiate the allegations.

The opposition accuses Khan of mismanaging the economy. In the country inflation increases, national the currency loses value.


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