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Some apps in the Google Play Store have sent user information to US authorities

Google Play StoreThe fact that there are malicious applications in is no longer surprising. But it is usually a group of hackers, scammers with the spread of malware and s. individuals are engaged. The Wall Street JournalAccording to APA, this list also includes US special government agencies were also included. Integrated into some applications based on the information provided SDK (Software Development Kit) working with U.S. intelligence on user data from contractors (from its own materials at the instruction of the customer under its obligation and or a specialized enterprise that undertakes to perform certain work using the customer’s materials for a fee) sends to someone. The center of the project is registered in Panama Measurement Systems is a company called.

It was noted in the report that, SDK meteorological, radar search on the roads, religious applications for Muslims and s. used in software such as. According to the information, such applications are common 60 million times uploaded. Measurement Systems told the developers who agreed to cooperate that, user data internet providers, energy companies and collected for financial services. In addition, the company told those developers that, more of them in the Middle East, Asia and including Central and I am interested in information from Eastern Europe. That is the point that, information from these regions is usually of less interest. For example, it became known that, Where the SDK is used weather One of the applications of forecasting is very popular in Iran. It should be noted that, Iran, in turn, is of great interest to the United States.

In addition, any type of passwords were included in the collected information. SDK Whatsappmay have partially scanned the file system, including the folders where the files from. Malware first AppCensus was discovered by a company called. The company operates in the field of mobile cyber security. Representatives of the company said that, The discovered SDK is one of the mobile applications observed in the last 6 years that penetrates deeper into people’s private lives. After the emergence of information on this issue Google has begun removing malware from the Play Store. Measurement Systems abruptly stopped collecting data. Google said that, Developers can return apps to the Play Store after deleting an existing malicious SDK from their apps. In addition, a list of some applications that include malicious SDK is provided. It is recommended to delete these applications from smartphones as soon as possible. The list is as follows:

Speed ​​Camera Radar

Al-Moazin Lite (Prayer Times)

WiFi Mouse (remote control PC)

QR & Barcode Scanner

Qibla Compass – Ramadan 2022

Simple weather & clock widget

Handcent Next SMS – Text w / MMS

Azerbaijan news

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