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The former head of Aeroflot spoke out against the war

Andrey Panov writes that, Proponents of intervention in Ukraine automatically become complicit in Moscow’s war crimes

Russia Former Deputy General Director of Aeroflot, the flagship of civil aviation Andrey Panov Russia called on the heads of companies to “sabotage” military operations in Ukraine.

Panov, who is currently abroad, wrote in a column for The Financial Times that his colleagues were concerned about Russia’s intervention in Ukraine and Russia calls for abandonment of all contracts supporting propaganda:

“I know that, many of you Kremlin and Do you believe what the media said? But you are smart people – you run a business and you have to be well informed. ”

Panov writes that, this war is Russia’s economy and has a devastating effect on reoputation.

He reminds that, Proponents of intervention in Ukraine automatically become complicit in Moscow’s war crimes.

A country that changes in a week

In this article, Panov also talks about leaving the country on March 5.

He notes that, For the first time in his life, he was invited to a separate room to talk while crossing the border.

The head of Aeroflot was released after showing his round-trip ticket for three days.

Panov is currently in Israel. He had previously told The Wall Street Journal that, It is impossible to work for a state-owned company in such a changed country in just one week after the war.

To the Russian State Duma on April 4 this year snowsanctions execution providing for the punishment of those who commit the law The project was presented.

New the law Russian companies and for those who refuse to cooperate with banks 10 provides for imprisonment for a period of one year.


Azerbaijan news

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