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The manager of a well-known company was also seriously injured in the explosion at the Location – Photos

Another foreigner was injured in an explosion at the Location Club.

According to information obtained by Qafqazinfo according to“Room” restaurant opposite the “Location” club during the incident snowItalian businessman Michelle Balleri was seriously injured.

It turned out that, He is an employee of Saipem, a well-known oil company operating in Baku. For initial information according toM. Balleri has been working in Azerbaijan for about 8 years and is one of the leaders of the company.

Michelle Balleri, who suffered a head injury, was reportedly sent to Italy for treatment.

During the incident, an Italian engineer standing in front of the Room restaurant was hit in the head by a flying board, which was torn off by the explosion. Images of that moment were also captured on security cameras at the Room restaurant.

Let `s note that, Saipem is one of BP’s main contractors in Azerbaijan.


Azerbaijan news

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