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This game breaks the memory – THE CHALLENGE

The new horror game Frightence, developed by the Turkish company Playstige Interactive, has been presented to players in 239 countries. reports citing foreign media that, Frightence, Microsoft Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Sony PlayStation 4 and Launched on Nintendo platforms.

The story and where the movement is balanced, provocative events at every step, spitting and The game, full of mysterious characters, is expected to breathe new life into the world of digital gaming.

Founder of Playstige Interactive, creative director of Frightence and producer Barış Tarimcıoğlu “short” and “Our goal with Frightence is to create a plot line for a series of stories with different characters,” he said. and playerflour is to make them live through the screen.

Developed by a core team of three programmers, Frightence is a thrill at every step and full of mysterious characters. This game will challenge the imagination. “

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This game breaks the memory – THE CHALLENGE
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