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With the new Android virus, hackers can gain remote control on a smartphone

Android designed for devices Octo The new virus has been observed in real cyber attacks for some time. With this new virus, hackers can gain remote control over the device and as a result, they carry out fraudulent operations. Apparently, the authors of a new virus called Octo at the time of its creation ExoCompact used another virus called basic. It should be noted that, Cyberattacks carried out by a virus called ExoCompact 2018was suspended in and then its source code was leaked to the Internet. However, the Octo virus differs from ExoCompact with a more advanced module.

Octo’s control panel:

This improved module, which is infected with the virus, helps hackers to gain remote control over the device. Android system MediaProjection The function called is a virus that transmits everything that happens on the smartphone screen to hackers and the transmission process takes place every second. Designed for people with disabilities Accessibility Service The service provides hackers with remote control on a smartphone. Octo virus darkens the smartphone screen to disguise the process of malicious activity, minimizes screen brightness andDon’t disturb”Mode disables all notifications.

As a result, the user thinks so that, the smartphone simply switched to deactivation mode. However, in reality, the virus then transmits user data to hackers. However, the operator screen that touches the virus touches the screen and can imitate gestures, write different texts and may change data in the clipboard. In addition, the Octo virus can monitor all data occurring on the Android device and can write. Other features of the virus include:

– Disable notifications from specific applications

– Incoming SMSto get

– Deactivation of sound and screen lock

– Launch of separate applications

– Launch a remote control on a smartphone and deactivation

Azerbaijan news

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