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A TV tower is being built in Shusha – 500,000 manat

Design of Shusha Radio-Television Broadcasting Station (RTYS) and The construction will cost 494,000 manat.

This was done in response to a request from Azerbaijan Digital Development and The Ministry of Transport (RINN) reported.

It is reported that, Part of the required funds has already been paid to the contractor:

“President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev and First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva New building of Shusha Radio-Television Broadcasting Station on November 7, 2021 and took part in the groundbreaking ceremony of the tower. Design of Shusha RTYS by the Order of the President dated November 7, 2021 and occupation in the 2021 state budget for the purpose of construction free Reconstruction of the occupied territories and Digital Development from the funds provided for the restoration and Initially to the Ministry of Transport 200,000 manat has been allocated. According to the Presidential Decree dated March 1, 2022, 294,000 manat has been allocated from the state budget for this purpose.

The ministry said that, initially from 494 thousand manats required for design 200,000 manat was paid to the Baku State Design Institute and The Institute has started design work: “The funds required for the construction of the station will be determined after the project is ready.”

Let `s note that, Yesterday, a meeting chaired by the President of Azerbaijan was held on the results of the first quarter of this year. Speaking at the meeting, the President also spoke about the TV tower in Shusha: “The foundation of a new TV tower was laid in Shusha and probably that, The project will be presented in the near future. Funds must be allocated as soon as it is presented. (Report)


Azerbaijan news

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