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Apple Watch models will measure blood pressure, blood sugar and body temperature

Bloomberg authoritative journalist of the site Mark GurmanAccording to APA Apple company Apple Watch is preparing to realize the long-awaited function in smart watches. We are talking about the function of measuring blood pressure. The journalist noted that, the function in question Apple Watch models will be realized in 2024. This is the reason why the company is not able to perform this function faster that, Apple is constantly having problems with this issue snowit gets hot In addition, future Apple Watch models also have blood sugar and body temperature measurement functions will also be performed.

Apple is already 4 years that, tries to perform the function of measuring blood pressure in their smart watches. However, this is not an easy task. At best, Apple Watch models will get this feature in 2024. However, the implementation of the function may be delayed until 2025. It is assumed that, the user will not receive any numeric indications when using this function. Instead, the smart watch is traditional to the user from the tonometer (device for measuring blood pressure) to use and will advise you to consult a doctor. It was noted in the report that, Apple Watch prototypes with this feature are already being tested on company employees.

Azerbaijan news

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