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Hydrogen is 11 times more dangerous to the climate than CO2 emissions

Hydrogen energy of world industry carbon gası secretion free can help in making. But at the same time, he global climate can become a source of danger for. According to a new study conducted by scientists hydrogen waste CO2 gasunlike the planet 11 times stronger can heat up in a way. Scientists have noted that, At present, this problem is not noticeable. So. that, The scale of hydrogen energy production is still low. However, hydrogen-based vehicles and As a result of the development of new energy systems, this type of biofuel will have a serious impact on the environment. As a result, people will accelerate the process of global warming instead of slowing it down.

Hydrogen is now gradually being used as an energy storage system. Hydrogen is passed through fuel cells to generate electricity. At the end of the process, there is nothing left but ordinary water. This kind of method from lithium batteries in contrast, it allows you to store more energy and compared to the process of recharging batteries in cars and or faster filling of fuel tanks of special stations for energy transportation. These positive features make it possible to use hydrogen as an energy source in many areas. For example, aviation, car industry and heavy industry can be brought. But scientists have determined that, hydrogen also has a passive effect on the planet’s atmosphere.

According to scientists’ calculations, in the atmosphere 100 ton amount of CO2 gascompared to i 100 tons of hydrogen 10It will heat the planet 11 times more strongly in 0 years. The first reason for the negative impact of hydrogen on the environment is its methane with snowdue to the intertwined connection. Hydrogen methane waste cleaner troposphere acids reacts. Methane is the strongest from greenhouse gases is one and it is the atmosphere compared to CO2 80 times faster heats up. Hydrogen keeps methane in the air and which in turn causes the atmosphere to overheat.

The second reason for the negative impact of hydrogen on the environment is due to fuel leaks. When hydrogen is stored inside a special balloon with compressed gas, the balloon maintains its volume each day 0.12-0.24%loses. In addition to hydrogen cryogenic liquid transport in a special storage system in the form of also causes hydrogen leakage. So. that, storage systems have their own volumes every day 1%they lose. All this leaked hydrogen falls into the atmosphere. According to scientists, the world’s hydrogen 1-1.5%as a result pollutes the environment. Thus, any hydrogen leak indirectly causes global warming.

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