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Render photos of two new chargers with Apple USB-C input have been presented

The news came out yesterday that, Apple The company is working on a new charger adapter and this adapter will be able to charge 2 devices at the same time. So. that, 2 new chargers made USB-C will be equipped with an entrance and 35 watts will be in force. Now, insiders have provided render photos of the charger. It was noted in the information provided that, new charger adapter Apple will differ from the company’s existing products both in appearance and design. Thus, insiders said that, The main distinguishing feature of the adapter will be it that, it will have a folding hook section.

As a result, the user can easily take it anywhere. Of course that, There will be 2 USB-C inputs on the body of the adapter. According to the information, the output power of the adapter will be 35 watts. Thanks to this, both the smartphone and the adapter can be connected at the same time Apple It will be possible to charge another device of the company. For example iPhone model and Apple Watch can bring the clock. When to install a new charger adapter and It is unknown at what price it will go on sale. Insiders assume that, The company made it in the fall of this year iPhone 14 will present along with the series.

Azerbaijan news

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