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The NSO Group’s spy application has been used to track down EU officials

Pegasus creator of the popular spy application called NSO Group company ForcedEntry A new scandal has erupted over another application called. According to the information provided Europe From the Union The smartphones of high-ranking officials were hacked in 2021 through the spy application of the NSO Group. About it Reuters website reported. It was noted in the report that, among the victims of the incident Didier Reynders was also. It should be noted that, Didier Reynders, Swiss Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense and as well as external and Europe served as Minister of Foreign Affairs. From 2019 to the present, he Europe In the commission works as a commissioner of justice. According to EU officials, the spying software was tracked on the smartphones of at least four members of the European Commission.

In November last year Apple company 10About 00 iPhone sent a notification to the user and was mentioned in that notice that, they have fallen victim to fraudsters backed by various states. According to the report, it was at that time that the European Commission became aware of espionage and began to take action on this issue. Reuters reported that, On November 26, the Chief Technical Officer of the European Commission sent a letter to his colleagues describing the software and to them Apple advised to follow the next notifications of the company. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. In addition, whether the smartphones of these officials were hacked and It is unknown whether the information was stolen from them.

IT experts analyzed and determined the smartphones of some civil servants that, they have no traces of the hacking process. Cybersecurity experts say that, From February to September 2021 Apple Those who received warnings from the company were the main targets of the application called ForcedEntry. The application provides covert control over the iPhone. The developer of the software, NSO Group, said that, he did not take part in the incident. Reuters, in turn, could not find out whether the incident was investigated by the European Commission.

However, the news came amid an active discussion of measures to combat the developers of espionage applications. Deputy Sophie in’t Veld said that, the European parliament 19 April should establish a special committee on the history. The committee, in turn, will investigate cases of tracking users’ smartphones through spy applications. In addition, the report said that, Among the software targets are also well-known journalists from Hungary and There were also critics. The Hungarian government, meanwhile, has admitted to acquiring the NSO Group, but has denied allegations of espionage.

Azerbaijan news

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