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Tomato policy – Russia’s offensive formula

Tomatoes may become cheaper in Azerbaijan.

Economist-expert Natig Jafarli said this while commenting on the issue of not allowing 432.5 tons of fresh tomatoes exported from Azerbaijan to Russia.

According to him according toif this amount of tomatoes is sent to the domestic market, there will be a reduction:

“The volume of tomatoes is not so big, and they have not been returned yet, they are just not allowed to cross the border. It may be that, Let them cross the border, negotiations are underway.

This is Russia’s usual behavior. Russia When offended by any issue, it creates certain difficulties in the export of Azerbaijani products. As a result, it may be that, Russia have agreements on certain documents required by the party and restore exports. But if it is not restored, it will be necessary to direct the product to the domestic market. This may lead to lower prices for tomatoes in the domestic market.

Let’s add that, on the issue Food Chairman of the Security Agency Addsnow Tahmazli made a statement. He said that, Today, no Azerbaijani company buys apples in Russia and or there is no ban on tomato exports.


Azerbaijan news

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