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“Glory” to George W. Bush, the flagship guard, the curse of a curse

Yadigar Sadiqli

Yesterday, April 14, the main topic on the agenda was the sinking of the flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, the ship “Moscow”. This is not accidental, the ship, especially the flagship of the navy, can not be equated with a tank or plane. This is a very big event. It is even claimed in some reports that, Moscow is the largest warship to sink since World War II.

Although, Russia side still that, does not admit that the ship was hit. The Defense Ministry said the cruiser suffered serious injuries as a result of an ammunition detonation due to a “cause under investigation.” Ukraine Moscow claims that it was hit by Neptune anti-ship missiles.

Speaking of “their own production”, so is “Moscow” Ukraine is produced. The rocket cruiser, first named Slava, was founded in 1976 at the 61 Communal Shipyard in Nikolaev. Length 186.5 meters, width 208 meters, height 42.5 meters, ship with a water capacity of 11 490 tons in 1983 Januarywas put into operation in and It became part of the Black Sea Fleet.

Soviet missile cruiser Slava

The first historical event in which Slava took part was not about a military conflict, but about a positive point. Ship George W. Bush and Mikhail Gorbachev was escorted by the Soviet leader at a 1989 summit off the coast of Malta. The idea of ​​holding a meeting at sea in December was not very successful, no matter how clever it was. Due to the problems created by the storm, this meeting also went down in history as the “sea disease summit”.

George W. Bush and “Slava” off the coast of Malta

Some of the meetings were scheduled to take place on the Slava and part on the Belknap cruiser, the flagship of the US Sixth Fleet, but due to the storm, all meetings were held on the heavier cruise ship Maxim Gorky.

Malta Summit. George W. Bush and Mikhail Gorbachev

The ship returned to Nikolayev in March 1991 and stopped for repairs. At the end of the year, the USSR collapsed and then the question of the status of the Black Sea Fleet arose. April 5, 1992 Ukraine President Leonid Kravchuk signed an order “On the transfer of the Black Sea Fleet to the administrative subordination of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.” Two days later, Yeltsin’s “Black Sea Fleet Russia On the transfer to the jurisdiction of the Federation.

Two president After a face-to-face meeting in Dagomys, they revoked their orders and decided to negotiate the division of the fleet. Finally, in June 1995, the Black Sea Fleet was divided between the two states and “Slava” has reached Russia (let’s add) that, at that time nothing was given to Georgia).

At the time of this sharing, the ship was still under repair due to lack of funding. The shipbuilders of Nikolayev did not want to repair the cruiser, which had already become a foreign state ship. To pay the debt Russia The party used various methods, as well as handed over the AK-630 artillery weapons on board to Ukraine. The repairs were completed only in 1999. At that time, the ship’s name was changed.

Russia’s Black Sea Fleet included an anti-submarine cruiser called Moscow. The cruiser became obsolete and was sold to India in 1996 as scrap metal. After that, the ship “Slava” was renamed “Moscow” and was also chosen as the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet. In 1998, the naval guard ship Krasny Kavkaz was sold to the scrap metal and To continue the tradition, “Moscow” was awarded the honorary title of Guards.

“Moscow” 20In 08 Russia to Georgia snowentered the territorial waters of Georgia during the Five-Day War. It is not known exactly what the ship did, but it is known that Russian ships sank two Georgian boats in that war. He is also known that, after the war president Medvedev’s “courage.” and selflessness according toHe thanked the staff of “Moscow”.

During the occupation of Crimea in 2014, “Moscow” and other Russian ships from the Southern Naval Base of Ukraine trying to leave the Gulf of Donuzlav and go to Odessa snowcut the glass. Alexander Vitko, commander of the Black Sea Fleet, asked them to swear an oath to the “Crimean people,” but was refused. Four ships sank, and the others fell into Russian hands after some resistance. A year later, most of them were returned to Ukraine, and three remained with the Russians.

The cruiser has been stationed in the Mediterranean since September 2015, near the Latakia region of Syria. He was tasked with providing air defense to the Russian aviation group based in Latakia. 2016 JanuaryHe was replaced by the ship of the same type “Varyag”.

Vladimir Putin In 2016, he signed an order “On services in ensuring the security of the state, high results in combat training, training and heroism in the performance of combat missions and selflessness according to“Moscow” cruiser awarded the Nakhimov Order.

The last military operation in which Cruiser took part was Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. On the first day of the war, the Vasily Bykov patrol ship took part in the attack on Zmeiny Island. The attack was called by the Ukrainian military and was remembered more by the swearing that turned into a breast. To the so-called according tothe target of the swearing was “Moscow”.

On the night of April 13, the head of the Odessa regional administration of Ukraine, Maxim Marchenko, announced that a fire had started on the Moscow cruiser due to the Neptune anti-ship missiles. Later, the Russian Defense Ministry admitted that he was seriously injured in the fire as a result of ammunition detonation. However, the statement did not say whether the ship sank.

During the day on April 14, various versions of the fate of the ship were voiced. Russia said it did not sink, and even moved to the port of Sevastopol. Finally, at the end of the day, it was admitted that the ship sank “due to a storm” while being towed to Sevastopol.

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