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The first life on Earth may have appeared only 300 million years after the formation of the planet

Scientists think that, On Earth life existed before thought. This idea increases the chances of life on other planets. University College London According to researchers, they are from the creation of the Earth 300 million years then hydrothermal sources in the vicinity of microbes found evidence of their existence. If their information is confirmed, it will indicate that the conditions for the emergence of a species are actually simpler. “If life can come into being quickly under existing conditions, then so be it that, There is a very high probability of life on other planets, ”said a scientist from University College London Dominic Papineau noted.

Still in 2017, scientists in Canada iron in sedimentary rocks rich in microfossils (Ancient plants with dimensions not exceeding 1 mm and or the remains of living organisms) were discovered. At the time, scientists thought so that, from hematitis (iron oxide mineral) which are ropes, protrusions and micro-tubes may have been created by microbes living in the vicinity of hydrothermal sources. These microbes used iron-based chemical reactions to obtain vital energy.

As a result of the analysis, the scientists came to this conclusion that, detected microfossils 3.75 billion il are old. Likely that, the age of those microfossils of volcanic rocks is the same with age. Conversation, 4.28 billion since goes. The oldest microfossils ever discovered 3.46 -3.7 billion il have age. And that means that, The examples discovered by scientists may be evidence of the oldest life on Earth.

A new analysis conducted by scientists some time ago is even bigger and showed the existence of complex structures. We are talking about a trunk consisting of parallel branches 1 cm long on one side. In addition, scientists have found ropes from hematite and In addition to micro-tubes, they also found other structures with different shapes. “These structures are quite large,” he said and Although extensive, they are modern Mariprofundus ferrooxydans they look like strings created by microbes. These microbes are in an iron-rich environment and mainly live near hydrothermal sources. This is a very surprising fact, “said Dominic Papineau.

“It simply came to our notice then that, At the microbial level, life could have formed 300 million years after the planet was formed, ”said Dominic Papineau. According to the scientist, these ancient microbes have the same age as the volcanic rocks in which they were discovered. That is, they are 4.28 billion years old. “I think so that, all the data show it in general that, it doesn’t take much time for life to form on the planet. More than 300 million years later, microthermal life has formed in hydrothermal vents and That species is nourished by iron and sulfur, ”he added.

However, not all of the structures discovered by scientists of biological origin does not believe they belong. for example France Milli Center for Scientific Research professor Frances WestallAccording to the discovered structures, the high temperature in the rocks and may also be caused by pressure. However, the sulfur discovered by scientists may be of biological origin. “Further research is needed to confirm that my colleagues have discovered a microbial-type life on Earth,” Westall said.

Azerbaijan news

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