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Whatsapp has officially announced the upcoming innovations

Famous Whatsapp A large-scale update awaits the messenger in the near future. As part of this update, users will be provided with new features. The main innovation waiting for the messenger Communities function will be launched. Through communities, users will be able to discuss in more groups. These groups will be multifunctional analogues of ordinary group cracks. So. that, file sharing in those groups, group calls with 32 users, responses to messages, 2 GBSending files up to, administrative tools and elements of moderation management will be implemented. Meta CEO of the company Mark Zuckerberg noted that, These innovations will be gradually introduced. He hopes that, this, Whatsapp and will play an evolutionary role for online communication in general.

In Communities, users will be able to create subgroups. For example, this and or another organization to discuss work on important projects, and any school will be able to create subgroups that will cover specific classes. Social unlike groups in networks WhatsappCommunities will be targeted for more private communication. Such communication will involve even those who are likely to get to know each other. Participants in this subgroup share each other’s phone numbers according to they will know. Another nuance is that that, Community groups will not be found through search. This and or an invitation must be sent by the administrator of that group to join another group. The admin in turn will send a special invitation link to the user and the user will be able to join the relevant group via that link.

To work with communities, admins can combine an existing group roof into a new feature and or they can create a whole new group. Only admins will be able to share ads with all Community users via shared group ads. Communities members are created by admins only and or be able to communicate in approved subgroups. Communities will also be restricted from sending messages. So. that, such messages lead to the spread of misinformation. This way, users will be able to forward only one message at a time within Communities groups. In Messenger settings, users will be able to determine who can be added to the Communities. In addition it is within the Users Communities and or report other violations, block other user accounts and or they may leave the Communities in general.

Azerbaijan news

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