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How many days does it take to buy an iPhone 13 in Azerbaijan?

Every year, international research companies publish a study on how many days people who will buy the iPhone will have to work in different countries as soon as a new iPhone is introduced. However, many of these studies do not contain information about Azerbaijan. We are also lazy to calculate the method of those companies and Based on the information provided by our statistics committee, we calculated how many days an Azerbaijani would have to work to get an iPhone 13 Pro. research company for 2021 report5.9 days to buy 1 American iPhone 13 Pro, Swiss 4.4 days Norwegian 7.2 days, Japanese 10.2 days and Turkish citizen must work 92.5 days. These figures are the price of the version of the iPhone 13 Pro with 128 GB of internal memory, which is officially on sale in the country where the calculation is made and It is calculated on the basis of the total average salary officially announced in that country.

To apply the same calculation method in Azerbaijan, we looked at the price of the iPhone 13 Pro, which is officially on sale in Azerbaijan. We have witnessed that the iPhone 13 Pro with 128 GB of internal memory was sold in Azerbaijan for no less than 2,899 manat in cash.

By 2022 to apply the same calculation rule according to we found the amount of the average monthly salary projected by the statistics committee. According to the committee according to The average salary, which is 742 manat 80 kopecks in 2021, is projected at 807 manat 60 kopecks this year. Taking into account that there are on average 21 working days per month, we divided this forecast amount by those 21 figures and determined that the average daily salary of a statistical Azerbaijani for 2022 is 38 manat 45 kopecks.

Based on this calculation, if we take into account that the iPhone 13 Pro offered for sale in Azerbaijan costs 2,899 manat, the average Azerbaijani will need 75.3 days to buy this device.

Azerbaijan news

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