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Scientists have developed a technology that can convert solar energy into a liquid and store it for 18 years

Swedish scientists Molecular Solar Thermal (MOST) have created a new technology called. The technology in question Solar energy liquefy and contain it 18 years can store within. In addition, by scientists thermoelectric generator created. The heat generated inside the generator-specific liquid created catalyst through to electricity can convert. “We, weather conditions, time, season and Regardless of geographical location, we can use sunlight to convert it into electricity. This, CO2 It is a closed system that can function without secretion, ”the scientists said. The working principle of the new technology created by scientists has been specially developed carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen based on the molecule.

With sunlight of the molecule snowDuring the interaction, the atoms change the configuration of the molecule, making it rich in energy to the isomer turn. The isomer can exist in liquid form. By combining this system with a compact thermoelectric generator, scientists have managed to convert the energy obtained into electricity. The compact thermoelectric generator is in the form of an ultranasic chip and it smartphones, headphones and can be integrated into electronic devices such as smart watches. In the long run, such technology could lead to the creation of electronic devices that can charge themselves through a closed solar system.

Azerbaijan news

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