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The procedure for awarding pensions to servicemen is changing

Long live the military according to The procedure for determining the labor pension is changing.

This is reflected in the proposed amendment to the Law on Labor Pensions.

According to the project, live for servicemen according to The labor pension will be determined after discharge from military service. Live as a serviceman, except for the following persons according to labor re-admitted to military service after the appointment of a labor pension pensionto the last security expense of the employees’ labor pension according to recalculation is not allowed:

– persons who have served at least 72 months from the date of re-enlistment in the military service;

– persons reinstated for military service by a court decision that has entered into force;

– persons who died in the line of military service;

ali officers.

According to the current law, the pension of servicemen is determined not after military service, but after discharge from military service. Labor who continues military service after receiving a pension pensionpensioners’ final security costs according to not recalculated. Labor pensions of this category of persons are insurance registered only in individual accounts pension to the capital according to can be recalculated.


Azerbaijan news

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