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The iPhone 14 can be connected to emergency services via satellite

Bloomberg authoritative journalist of the site Mark Gurmanwill be presented this year, according to forecasts iPhone 14will be able to send text messages to emergency services via satellites and this will be useful in the absence of a regular mobile network. It should be noted that, still such an opportunity last year iPhone 13was reported to be carried out in. But in the end Apple The company did not offer this feature on the iPhone 13. However, this feature is very likely to be used on the iPhone 14. If this feature is realized as a result, most likely that, it will have limited functionality.

“This technology allows users to send text messages to emergency services via satellite and This will make it possible to report any accidents that have occurred, ”said Mark Gurman. Today, devices with this feature are distinguished by their large size. Can be that, Apple The company has made this technology so small that it can be integrated into a smartphone. According to the information, on the creation of standard networks that can provide smartphones with a satellite network Lynk and AST companies like.

However, the integration of this technology will still take a long time. As for the iPhone smartphones, they are now Qualcomm work through the company’s modems. However Apple is also working on the development of an individual modem and Individual modems are expected to be integrated into iPhone models in 2023-2024. If Apple is working on a long-term perspective and If Lynk has a contract with a company like AST, it can optimize modems for specific provider services. In this case, iPhone models compatible with the satellite network can actually go on sale. However, it should not be expected that this will happen sooner than 2025.

Azerbaijan news

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