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Those who take refuge in Kaha and fight death


The events in Karabakh in the early 1990s – the Armenians to the civilian population of Azerbaijan snowMany brutal massacres and tragedies committed by him are engraved in our blood memory.

In the 44-day war, the victorious Azerbaijani army carried out that horrific massacre and Although the Armenian executioners took revenge on the terrorists, the memory of the Azerbaijanis killed as a result of the Armenian atrocities will be with us forever.

April 18 is a clear example of Armenian savagery, a black stain on human history, depraved Armenian bandits-terrorists to the civilian population of Azerbaijan snowIt is the anniversary of another crime he committed – the Bashlibel tragedy. On this date, our people commemorate the victims of the terrible tragedy that occurred during the occupation of the Kalbajar region.

The state of Azerbaijan and The struggle of the people for many years to spread the Armenian savagery to the whole world continues today.

About the incident:

1993 April At the beginning of the 20th century, the Kalbajar region was occupied by Armenians. At that time, 73 residents of Bashlibel village, with a population of about 2,000, could not leave their homes on time. On April 2, a group of villagers tried to break the siege, but failed. At that time, those who were killed among them and There were hostages, and 62 people tried to protect themselves by taking refuge in the mountains.

But they managed to live in secret for only 18 days. On April 18, Armenian armed forces launched an armed attack on civilians after locating them. That night, 14 civilians were taken hostage and 18 were killed in a brutal attack on residents of Portda Kaha, just above the village. The remaining 30 people continued their siege by changing their shelters to other kahas in the village. After 113 days, on July 17, they left the shelter and managed to escape the siege of the Armenian army through secret mountain roads, moving only at night.

With the end of the 44-day Patriotic War 10 According to a statement signed in November Kalbajar district on November 25 was released. Kalbajarin free after the Armenians to the Azerbaijanis snowatrocities and destruction and Most importantly, the process of investigating tragedies such as Başlıbel has become widespread. On September 6, 2021, the graves of the victims of Bashlibel were opened in Kalbajar.

Victims of Bashlibel tragedy, captives…

Prosecutor General’s Office of the Republic of Azerbaijanflour information according toMachine gun of the Armenian armed forces and elements armed with large-caliber weapons 18 April In 1993, 14 people were captured during an attack on civilians who took refuge in caves to escape the atrocities they committed in the village of Bashlibel. The captives were 93-year-old Babayeva Kubra Gadim, 23-year-old Amraliyeva Arzu Binnat, 56-year-old Ahmadov Binnat Abdulali, 13-year-old Ahmadov Niyat Binnat, 15-year-old Ahmadova Shargiya Binnat, 56-year-old Amraliyeva Zibeyda Abish, 67-year-old Hasanova Leyli Ali. , 58-year-old Hasanova Marmar Javad gizi, 63-year-old Hasanova Shamama Huseyn gizi, 36-year-old Hasanova Zeynab Mahmud gizi, 63-year-old Gasimova Tutu Ali gizi, 2-year-old Mahammadov Hokmdar Surkhay oglu, 73-year-old Yusifova Shamama Aga gizi and Mansimov Huseyn Ibrahim oglu was 65 years old.

Those people were later released from captivity free though they did, nine of them received morality and died of psychological trauma. It was also identified with the investigation materials that, fleeing from the hands of members of the criminal group to other caves and hiding and Seven of the 36 people who tried to escape from the savages also died in various villages of the Kalbajar region from their injuries during the siege.

The Prosecutor General’s Office also announced the names of 29 people who survived the tragedy:

21-year-old Ahmadova Sevil Binnat gizi, 55-year-old Ahmadov Hummat Abdulali oglu, 45-year-old Alasgarov Alakbar Alasgar oglu, 36-year-old Alasgarova Sarmaya Sadig gizi, 16-year-old Alasgarov Habil Alakbar oglu, 14-year-old Alasgarov Rustam Alakbar oglu, 12-year-old Alasgarova Samira Alakbar gizi, 9 Alasgarova Tacira Alakbar gizi, 33 years old Amraliyev Khasay Mahammad oglu, 33 years old Amraliyeva Nargiz Mansim gizi, 6 years old Amraliyev Elmdar Khasay oglu, 4 years old Amraliyev Shahriyar Khasay oglu, 27 years old Azizov Elshad Hasan oglu, 25 years old Azizov Ismat Huseyn oglu, 23 years old Jafarov Mahir Mahyaddin oglu, 58-year-old Gadimov Gadim Mukhtar oglu, 32-year-old Hasanov Gazanfar Mahmud oglu, 38-year-old Hasanov Yahya Mahmud oglu, 25-year-old Asgarova Hajar Ahliman gizi, 23-year-old Askerova Lalazar Ahliman gizi, 15-year-old Askerov Vakil Ahliman oglu, 23-year-old Abbasov Jallat Agaverdi oglu, 19 years old Mehdiyev Salim Yusifali oglu, 22 years old Abbasguluyev Mazahir Talib oglu, 23 years old Abbasov Adalat Arzuman oglu, 25 years old Abdullayev Muzahim Maharra m son, 23-year-old Ahmadov Khalil Suleyman oglu, 22-year-old Asgarov Mushfig Gulbaba oglu and 23-year-old Muradov Fuzuli Akram oglu, after 113 days of siege life, drove to Chaykend village of Kalbajar region on difficult mountainous terrain, and from there to Tartar river. and They managed to save their lives by crossing Goshgar Mountain and advancing through the forests in the direction of Dashkesan region, reaching Zivlan village of Dashkesan region in July 1993.

1993 April The Prosecutor General’s Office has launched a criminal investigation into the burial of the bodies of those who brutally killed civilians in the village of Bashlibel, Kalbajar region.

In addition, during the investigation, various household items found in the caves where civilians were hiding at the scene of the crime, a casing proving the intentional killing of civilians and The bullets were packed and registered in accordance with the requirements of criminal procedure legislation. A drone inspection of the village of Bashlibel also revealed that all the houses, office buildings and infrastructure that existed in the village before the occupation were completely destroyed.

According to the Prosecutor General’s Office according towas identified during the investigation of the criminal case that, Along with other regions of the Republic of Azerbaijan, during the occupation of Kalbajar region by the Armenian armed forces in early April 1993, special cruelty was inflicted on the civilian population in the village of Bashlibel of that region. and demonstrated cruelty.

Prosecutor General’s Officeflour According to the court’s decision on exhumation of corpses, on April 24, 2021, the remains of 12 skeletons were found in Bashlibel village of Kalbajar region at a depth of 50 centimeters.

The names of 12 people killed during the attack on the village of Bashlibel in the Kalbajar region as a result of fleeing from the savagery of the enemy and firing on local residents hiding in caves are as follows:

63-year-old Samadov Yagub Isa oglu, 54-year-old Ahmadova Busat Alish gizi, 12-year-old Ahmadova Zovgiya Binnat gizi, 60-year-old Amraliyev Mahammad Abish oglu, 29-year-old Amraliyev Surkhay Mahammad oglu, 21-year-old Amraliyev Chingiz Mahammad oglu, 16-year-old Amraliyeva Aygun Mahammad gizi, 67 Hasanova Chichek Mikayil gizi, 68 years old Jafarova Gulara Jafar gizi, 95 years old Jafarova Gulgaz Gadim gizi, 22 years old Abdullayev Vugar Isa oglu and 52-year-old Asgarov Ahliman Avaz oglu.

Survivors of the tragedy, Bashlibel, hid in different caves in two groups after the Armenian attack on the village. Despite the threats to their lives, they approached the caves where their compatriots were killed on the night of May 12, 1993. with 6 graves in each row) dug graves and left the scene after burial.

Let `s note that, Instruction of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev and In accordance with the recommendations of the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Republic of Azerbaijan, peace has been restored against the citizens of Azerbaijan since the 1990s. and investigation of crimes against humanity and by identifying the culprits national and Work will continue to bring the international court to justice.

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