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Who will sign the manat? – 24 hours

President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev February 7 20Nominal value of banknotes in the Republic of Azerbaijan dated 05 and in accordance with the Decree “On changing the scale of prices (denomination).” 20Since 06 trustNew generation banknotes (AZN) have been put into circulation. At the same time, 1 new Azerbaijani manat was denominated at 5,000 manat.

International ISO code 994 and Azerbaijani manat with 4-level security system unit developed on the basis of the concept and The design theme is “Independent Azerbaijan”. Azerbaijan’s independence and development in all areas and Europe manifests integration into the family.

20The new banknotes issued in 06, unlike the previous ones, also bear the Azerbaijan Center Bank(CBA). Until now, the manat has been signed by Elman Rustamov, chairman of the CBA since 1995.

Recently, Elman Rustamov resigned free making and To the post of chairman of the CBA Taleh Kazimov’s appointment has raised some questions. One of these questions is whether the new banknotes will have the signature of the new chairman. Some citizens go even further and ask whether the manat banknotes signed by Elman Rustamov are considered valid.

In the matter of signatures Europe The common currency of the Union is the euro. 1999 Januarypresented in 1 and 2002 1 JanuaryRobert Kalina is the author of the design of the euro, which was put into circulation as cash. Manat and This explains some similarities in the design of the euro, even coins.

Similarly, in each of the euro banknotes Europe Central BankThe signatures of the presidents of the two countries are engraved. In the first series – the European Center on banknotes printed from November 2003 to March 2012 Bankis signed by Jean-Claude Trichet, the second president of The banknotes, issued after March 2012, bear the signature of the bank’s third president, Mario Draghi. From 2020 trustmost new president Christine Lagarde’s signature is gradually appearing on banknotes in circulation.

Thus, the external experience and This conclusion can be reached taking into account other factors that, The new chairman of the bank in the new banknotes issued by the CBA Taleh It will be signed by Kazimov. As for the reliability of the manat, according to the legislation, the Azerbaijani manat is the only legal tender in the country and in all departments and enterprises, regardless of the form of ownership and accepted in organizations without any restrictions.

It was noted that, The CBA said in this regard that, official information will be provided soon. (APA)


Azerbaijan news

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