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A photo of the models belonging to all iPhone 14 models has appeared

Some time ago iPhone 14-ün CAD render photos had emerged. Now there is a photo that covers the models of all iPhone 14 models. It is assumed that, These models are designed for manufacturers of smartphone cases. Thus, thanks to the photo of the resulting models, there will be a difference in size between the next iPhone models and basic camera designs can be seen. You can also see in the photo that, Apple company this year iPhone mini will give up the model and it has a dual rear camera iPhone Max will replace with.

According to the report, the main reason for abandoning the iPhone mini is its low sales. iPhone 14 Pro As for the models, they will have a triple rear camera as usual. However, this time the rear camera lenses of the Pro models will be slightly larger. According to some reports, this is the reason that, The most important of the rear cameras of the Pro models 48 MPwill be 2 out of 4 smartphones in terms of screen size 6.1 inches (iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max), and the other 2 6.7 inches (iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max) will be equipped with a screen.

However, insiders noted that, iPhone 14 and The screens of the iPhone 14 Max will have a traditional protrusion on them. iPhone 14 Pro models will get a new screen design. So. that, Pro screens will have 2 small protrusions on the screens. One of them will be round and the other will be oval. The circular protrusion has a front chamber and the oval protrusion has a protrusion Face ID is expected to integrate the system. The new iPhone 14 models are expected to be introduced in September.

Azerbaijan news

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