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Adobe, Intel, Microsoft and other companies have announced new technology to combat deepfakes

IT consisting of companies Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity fake photo called union and announced the development of a new algorithm for detecting videos. The developed algorithm blockchain will be built on. The main difference of this algorithm will be its lesson that, he fake photo and will not require frame comparison between videos and original versions. According to the information, technology companies are working to create an open standard that can work with any software. Photo of such an algorithm thanks to blockchain technology and the origins of the videos and will be able to determine whether any interference has been made to them.

He is already one of the creators of this algorithm Adobe, Microsoft, Intel, Twitter, Sony and Nikon companies such as Detailed information on the technical features of the project was not provided. However, representatives of Adobe said that, The first features to determine if the image is fake will be available this year. The blockchain ecosystem, which tracks the history of multimedia files, is expected to be launched in the next two years. This coalition, formed by technology companies, is numerous in this regard social plans to cooperate with the network. It should be noted that, this is today and or another file deepfake To find out, you need to compare the file in detail with the original version.

Azerbaijan news

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