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What report does the Customs Committee work with?


State Customs Committee reportina according tofrom Azerbaijan in January 3 billion 86.6 million dollarsFebruary 2 billion 880.9 million dollarsMarch 2 billion 13.3 million dollars worth of exports formalized.

These official figures raised the question of economist, Republican Alternative Party functionary Natig Jafarli: “90.8% of the country’s exports are crude oil and oil products. and is a natural gas. Average price of Brent oil January $ 91.21 per month, in February 10$ 0.99, $ 107.91 in March. So the average price in March January was higher than $ 16.7 per month. The country in the last month of the quarter gas exports also increased.

But if the price of oil is high, gas What if exports increase and the government says there is a significant increase in non-oil exports? that, exported in March January less than $ 1 billion a month, what are the reasons? ”

In the 2022 budget of Azerbaijan, the price of a barrel of oil was set at $ 50. Azeri Light crude oil for January 82.49, February 94,20March 102.30, Aprilstarted at $ 112.33.

Azerbaijan news

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