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Xiaomi is working on the MIUI 13.5 user interface

Xiaomi company MIUI 13.5 is preparing for the announcement of the user interface. It should be noted that, company almost 1 year ago MIUI 12.5had announced. The MIUI 13.5 user interface will be announced soon in December last year Xiaomi 12 presented together with the smartphone series MIUI 13will be a slightly improved version. Even the logo of the new user interface has appeared on the Internet. It can also be seen in the logo that, the designers simply changed the number 3 a bit.

It should be noted that, You don’t have to wait for new features in MIUI 13.5 to get serious attention. So. that, Introduced last year, MIUI 12.5 is simply some bug and implemented system troubleshooting. MIUI 13.5 will process one-handed control and system windows will be closer to the center of the screen. In addition, the integration of new fonts in the camera application of the new user interface and some cosmetic changes can be expected.

Azerbaijan news

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