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Soon there will be no money to buy Chinese goods


Europe Union from Russia gas and can completely give up oil. As a result Russia The federation’s budget will not even have money to buy Chinese goods. At the same time, no country wants to be subject to secondary sanctions. That’s why they are Russia will not continue cooperation with reports that, Well-known Russian economist Dmitry Potapenko said this in an interview with journalist Michael Naki. He noted that, Europe The union is moving rapidly to reduce hydrocarbon purchases. “It simply came to our notice then that, “It will take two years to completely give up Russia’s energy resources,” he said.

“When we say we will buy something from China, we have to take it into account that, as a small regional power, we can only integrate into some commodity distribution chains. Only then can we get something, “Potapenko added.

According to the economist according tolast month gas and Oil payments fell by 46 percent. At the same time he thinks that, Russia From the Federation gas Europe itself is to blame for their dependence. Now it will take several years to get rid of Russia’s natural gas.

According to the expert, 20After Russia’s attack on Georgia in 08, a step back could be taken. “They oil for two years and will get rid of gas dependence. Who is to blame? Why these three clicks (turn off SWIFT, restrictions on debt markets and energy embargo) yet 20Wasn’t it done in 08? Russian officials drew a picture of Russia for themselves, and European officials drew a mythological picture of Russia. They make plans within the framework they understand and this and or else the plan turns out to be a lie, ”he added.

Recall that, Russia may be recognized as a defaulting country on May 4. However, it should be noted that, In the context of the intensification of military operations, Russia almost every day 20 billion dollars loses. All these factors indicate that Russia will not be able to wage a long-term war. (Bizimyol)

Azerbaijan news

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