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BMW has introduced the electric i7 xDrive60

BMW The company is the electric version of the 7th premium sedan series i7 xDrive60announced. After charging the electric car once 483 km can cross the road and its starting price $ 119,300starts from. It is now possible to pre-order an electric car. It is expected to go on sale in the United States later this year. General 536 horsepower and 744 Nm (Newton meter) i7 xDrive60 sedan equipped with two electric motors with torque per hour 100 km speed 4.5 seconds collects. However, there is a speed limit for electric cars and o, 240 km per hour contane. Electric car battery capacity 101.7 kilowatt hours contane.

It should be noted for comparison that, Tesla which is the company’s most powerful electric car Tesla Model S Plaid models 100 kilowatt hours has a battery capacity and a guide that he has crossed 637 km contane. Mercedes-Benz EQS while the flagship sedan 107.8 kilowatt hours has a battery capacity and after charging once 563 km can cross the road. BMW i7 xDrive60 electric car over AC 11 kilowattswhile over a DC network 195 kilowatts It is possible to charge via a charger with a capacity of

Electric car over a direct current network 80% energy 34 minutes collects and over such a network 10 minutes charging process 129 km allows you to cross the road. Electric car over alternating current 100% while for energy storage 10.5 hours it takes time. For rear passengers in the interior of the electric car 8K quality and Amazon Fire TV supported 31.3 inches screen placed. Touch consoles for remote control of the screen are located on the door panels. There are two screens on the front panel for the driver. One of them 12.3 incheswhile the other 14.9 inches contane.

Azerbaijan news

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