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iPhone 14 Pro models can be equipped with an improved Lightning input

Despite the constant efforts of regulators Apple company iPhone charging inputs of models USB Type-Cis in no hurry to change. According to insiders iPhone 14 The smartphone series will not be an exception in this regard. But there are some nuances associated with the iPhone 14. According to the information provided Apple will not make significant changes in the design of the new iPhone models, which will be introduced this year. Thus, all models of the iPhone 14 series Lightning will have access. However, insiders said that, some changes will occur. The company is expected to launch new iPhone models this year USB 3.0 will perform standard access.

Thanks to this, the transmission capabilities of the new iPhones Lightning inputs 5 Gbit per secondwill rise to. It should be noted that, on current iPhone models USB 2.0 standard input is used and its transmission capacity 480 MB per second contane. It was noted in the report that, USB 3.0 standard Lightning input only iPhone 14 Pro will get models. iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max models will remain the same as the USB 2.0 standard Lightning input. In addition, insiders said that, Apple does not intend to give up Lightning any time soon. So. that, The company earns extra income from Lightning access licensed accessories.

Azerbaijan news

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