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‘IPhone with no screen projection will be presented in 2024’

Apple the company has no screen projections iPhone Information about the model will be presented for a long time that, emerges. Famous analyst Ming-Chi KuoAccording to APA, this will happen in 2024. According to him iPhone 16 Pro models will be equipped with a front camera integrated into the bottom of the screen. Thanks to this, it will be possible to give up the protruding part of the screen. “I think so that, full-screen iPhone model will be introduced in 2024. The flagship iPhone models to be introduced in 2024 have a front camera integrated at the bottom of the screen and Face ID will be equipped with technology, “the analyst said. The analyst’s new forecast is based on an earlier statement. So. that, had previously noted the analyst that, integrated into the screen Touch ID technology Apple does not exist among the company’s short-term plans.

According to other insiders, the front camera integrated into the bottom of the screen will be implemented in the iPhone 16 Pro. However, these smartphones will not have Touch ID technology. Analyst assumes that, Apple The company’s postponement of the integration of Face ID technology to the bottom of the screen until 2024 is not due to technical difficulties. The issue is the company’s marketing policy. However, it is no exception that, currently available on this issue and software solutions simply do not meet Apple’s requirements. That’s it according to The company also needs some time to improve the technology for placing other components at the bottom of the screen with the front camera.

Azerbaijan news

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