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“Loneliness epidemic” aggravated by coronavirus

John Leland, a reporter for The New York Times coronavirus investigated the neurological problems caused by pandemic closures.

The loneliness of co-workers who stay away from their friends is perceived as a threat. At this time, the brain secretes stress hormones. Pulse rises, blood pressure, blood sugar levels increase to provide energy if necessary. In this case, additional inflammatory cells are produced in the body to regenerate tissues, not viruses snowantibodies. You subconsciously see other people as a source of potential threats – rejection, apathy, not as friends.

The author writes that, New York City, home to 1 million people, has been an experiment in loneliness for two years. Nine million people were isolated with smartphones, and 24/7 delivery services were available. The reception of therapists is full, and tens of thousands of residents are overwhelmed with grief for a good friend, wife, partner, parent.

Robin Solod, who lives alone in Manhattan, says that, He was not at home before the pandemic, let’s just say, “all of a sudden, everything stopped.”

One in five Americans

The article notes that New York is now returning to a somewhat normal life. But two years of isolation and traces of loneliness remain.

Even before the pandemic, there was an “epidemic of loneliness” in the United States. Vivek Murphy, the country’s chief health officer, said the rapid pace of life, technology social explains by penetrating all areas of contact. The result is self-drug use and shows excess weight. 2018In a study conducted in according toone in five Americans find themselves either often alone or social felt isolated from the point of view.

The pandemic has exacerbated these feelings. In a recent survey by the New York Department of Health, 57 percent of respondents said that, a month ago they found themselves constantly or occasionally alone, and two-thirds social felt isolated from the point of view.

Dr. Murphy’s loneliness health and He stressed that it has created real complications in prosperity.

Julian Holt-Lanstad loneliness, isolation from Brigham Young University and compares the risk effects of poor social networking with smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Holt-Lanstad says that, The loneliness of a person’s emotional and The impact on mental health is generally accepted, but the same cannot be said about the impact on physical health.

The article notes that the economic costs of loneliness are already in the middle. Social isolation in the Medicare insurance system and Appendix for the treatment of loneliness 6.7 billion dollars It is planned to.

Stress-related layoffs and other problems affect employers 154 per year billion costs $. AARP calculation and Cigna insurance company.

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