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Physicists say that time may not exist at all

Physicists think that, time may not exist at all and this opens up new possibilities that need a serious approach. “Physics is in deep crisis. Throughout the last century, we have come to understand the universe through two successful theories. Conversation, from the general theory of relativity and from quantum mechanics is going “Out of Time: A Philosophical Study of Timelessness”Author of the book Sam Baron noted. Sam Baron as well Australian Catholic University is physical. According to him, quantum mechanics reveals the incredibly small worlds of particles and their snowsuccessfully describes their relationship. The general theory of relativity, in turn gravity and describes in general how objects move. These two theories are very good. However, they contradict each other on many issues. Most scientists use one of these two theories unit agrees with the idea of ​​replacing it with theory.

The new theory should describe how gravity works on the smallest scale. However quantum gravity Creating a new theory called One of such attempts sim theory was. Particles of the theory in question In 11-dimensional space replaced with vibrating wires. But in the end sim theory with some difficulties snowswelled. Although this theory describes a universe similar to ours, it does not provide any clear predictions that can be verified experimentally. That’s it according to to confirm this theory and or it is impossible to deny. For this reason, most physicists in the 1990s abandoned the theory of wires. At the same time, they put forward a number of other options. The most famous of them loop quantum gravity (loop quantum gravity) happened. According to this theory, space and the piece of time is very small from discrete fragment networks (loops). One of the main distinguishing features of the theory of cyclic quantum gravity is the elimination of the concept of time.

If we imagine that one of these theories is ultimately correct, such a question arises. How is it possible to live without time? “Tables and chairs in physical theory and not even people. However, we know that all this exists. we know that, all of these are fundamental particles. But we have no idea what time is. As long as we cannot give a clear explanation of how time came into being, can we prove its existence? ” Said Sam Baron. According to him, as a result of these ideas, time can not exist in any theory.

“It’s one of the main reasons we see ourselves as individuals,” he said that, we, this in the future and or we are able to plan our activities that could lead to other changes. But if the future does not exist, does it make sense to change it? ” Said Sam Baron. According to him, the proof that time does not exist can stop the whole world. But speech way available. So. that, existing theories that physics can eliminate in time cause-and-effect relationship preserve. Thus, physics says that the main feature of our universe is causation, not time. “It simply came to our notice then that, While the proof that time does not exist does not have a significant impact on our lives, it will allow us to bring physics into the new century, ”added Sam Baron.

Azerbaijan news

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