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The mothers of the missing sailors of ‘Moscow’. ‘They went on a peaceful mission’

The crew of the “Moscow” was evacuated “completely”. The word “completely” was removed from subsequent statements

A week has passed since the sinking of the Russian Black Sea Fleet’s flagship ship, Moscow, but the fate of more than 500 crew members remains unclear. Russia The silence of the command, the Kremlin ship Ukraine Failure to explain whether the missiles hit will increase the anger and mistrust of parents.

Tamara Grudinina Immediately after receiving the news of the sinking of the ship, he sent a message to the headquarters of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, asking to know about his 21-year-old son Sergei.

“Your son is missing. We are sad “, – The woman says she received such an answer.

“Everything is fine”, but…

A few days later, he introduced himself as the ship’s deputy commander Pavel Vakula contacted him. According to Vakula according toAs soon as the fire started on the ship, Sergei, like other sailors, was among those evacuated, but then he fell apart.

“Then they called us from the Defense Ministry and said that, “Everything is fine, your son is safe and well” – The woman told Current Time.

Grudinina says that despite the fact that six or seven days have passed since the incident, her son has not spoken and has called the hotline every day.

He is just one of the parents who does not know exactly what happened in Moscow.

20The sinking of the Moscow submarine after the Kursk submarine in 00 Russia is considered the heaviest tragedy for the navy. 118 sailors were killed in Kursk. It is unknown at this time what happened to the Moscow team, but how many of the more than 500 were killed.

They asked the conscript to sign a contract

Ukraine says the ship was hit by two Neptune missiles from the shore. Russia The ship sank in a rough sea while being taken to the port after the fire.

Russian law prohibits conscripts from being sent to active combat zones. However, there are reports that they were sent to Ukraine by land or sea, without their knowledge or consent.

Grudinina speaks that, April 10The conscript’s son was asked to sign a contract, ie to agree to be sent to the battle zone:

“It simply came to our notice then 10I said when I spoke that, do not sign a contract. He did not sign any contract, 100 percent. But he did not say anything about the war. That’s what he said that, ‘everything is OK. Mom, I’m going home. “

“There was no fire”

RFE / RL Ukraine The service’s “Schemes” research program spoke to another woman. He said he spoke to his son on the evening of April 14 aboard the Moscow.

“My son called me and said in tears, ‘Mom, do you know what happened? They fired three rockets at us! Some of the children were evacuated. The rest were taken to Sevastopol. Said the woman.

The woman, who did not want to be named, recalled what her son said about the fire on the ship. “No, mother, that’s not true. There was no fire “, – said his son.

The woman said that no one explained what happened on the ship. He also insisted that, his son was sent on a “peaceful” mission. Russia’s state propaganda says there is no war with Ukraine and that a “special military operation” is underway.

The word “absolutely” has been removed

Russia is still at war with Ukraine 20 Although it said it had lost more than 1,000 troops, Russia released an official figure on March 25, saying 1,370 servicemen had been killed.


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