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“The war started here …” – REPORT from Ukraine

Seymour Kazimov

Kyiv province

RussiaUkraine is the 57th day of the war. Currently, military operations are mainly in eastern Ukraine. Until the beginning of April Russia troops Kyiv Although they have been removed, their imprint is still clearly visible in these areas. April 20in Irpen, Buca, Borodyanka, We were in Hostomel. These areas have been partially cleared and Restoration works are being carried out in certain parts. Missile on buildings and traces of explosions, black spots caused by fire, debris, cars passing tanks on the side of the road and convoys of blown up military vehicles fully reflect the horrors of war. And of course that, We do not forget the people who were killed. On their streets and bodies left in their homes, mass burial and The scenes of the opening of these mass graves will not be forgotten for a long time…

RussiaUkraine There is also a state whose name is often mentioned in the war – Belarus. This is where a significant part of the Russian army comes from Ukraine entered the territory and committed the massacres and looting we talked about above. The Kremlin denies the massacre, calling it “Western misinformation.” But seeing these horrors and There are also people who survived as a result of miracles. They all say that this terrible picture was created by a Russian soldier.

Kyiv of the province Borodyanka The forest located in the territory of Mykolichi settlement of the region was one of the places of dislocation of the Russian army. They entered here via Belarus. The distance between the forest and the border is 180 km. To the words of the Ukrainian serviceman who accompanied us and did not want to be named according tohere 10There were 12,000 Russian servicemen. “It simply came to our notice then that, they thought they would stay long “ – says our guide. Long over two weeks and trenches in a 15-kilometer-wide forest area and shelters gasıblar. In addition, the tank and giant for the placement of artillery installations gasThey also carried out research work. The Ukrainian military adds that, all this gasThe equipment was confiscated from villagers living near the forest. “It simply came to our notice then that, Russian troops excavator with themselves and They didn’t bring a tractor, they got it here, but also by force “.

Significantly cut white in the forest areaac and branches are also found. The shelters are mostly covered with trees. Mass-cut trees were also used as firewood. Dry food containers and medicines belonging to the Russian army are nearby and clothing is also found.

We are advancing to the depths of the forest. The area is full of weapons. Small, medium scattered on the ground and large shells are found. Most of them did not explode and fully usable. To be as careful as possible while filming in the area and basically, we need to “look under our feet.” Because in the area “rastyajka” – hand grenades tied to the wire with trees and mines were found. Our guide says that, In addition to looking under our feet, we must check whether there are such wires at chest level. “Hand grenades can also be attached to trees from this level… With thin, inconspicuous wires…” The military calls it a “surprise.” We are also careful not to face such an unpleasant “surprise”. Suddenly an explosion is heard. “Engineers are sappers” – says our guide. After a short time we meet those sappers. They also do not speak to the media, they say that, not allowed. But they report on their work – there are weapons that, They neutralize it, collect it and take it away.

There are a lot of completely destroyed military equipment belonging to the Russian army in the forest. Although there were no active military operations, the Ukrainian army neutralized the equipment with missiles.

We return. But our military guide is driving the car in the opposite direction, not the way we came here. After walking 300 meters snowWe have large wooden boxes piled on top of each other. They are boxes of Grad shells. Some are empty, some are full. This is where Kyiv and it was bombed all around. The distance from here to Kyiv is 50 km. The choice of the forest as a permanent site was not accidental, because of the source of water and close to villages.

One of the first places where Russian troops entered the forest was Makarov. It is part of the Bucha district of Kyiv region. Residents are becoming less visible. The fiercest battles were with Makarov Borodyanka went between. Of houses snowsmall shells piled on the glass. Some of them are useful.

A resident of the settlement, Lyuba, pointed to a field near her house that, Grad facilities were located here. Tanks were visible in the area on the opposite side of the house. Luba is 62 years old. A shell hit his house and completely destroyed. His wife had a stroke. Local police information provided by the department according toin the settlement 200 houses were completely destroyed, 600 houses were partially destroyed. 23 residents were killed.

– I cooked borsch on February 25, we just sat down and ate with the neighbors that, we jumped upright at the sound of the explosion – Lyuba shows the ruins of orange stones – this is the result..


To the area Anar Rafiyev’s “Ukrainian Energy Efficiency and We went with the organization of the Energy Saving Fund. The organization has been involved in charity since the first day of Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine; mostly military personnel and to civilians foodhygienic means, medical The supply of equipment, including the donation of Star-Link equipment to the leadership of the cities affected by the attack, the evacuation of the population from dangerous areas, the preparation of road maps for the smooth delivery of aid.

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