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They collect money for Ukraine by ‘selling’ Russian territory

Tens of millions of dollars in cryptocurrency donations have been made to Ukraine since the Russian occupation began

Russia’s occupation of Ukraine is approaching two months. Meanwhile, Ukraine’s allies are also trying to make a profit by hunting for territory. We are talking about digital profits.

Tbilisi-based digital agency Russia territory NFT tokens snowis raising funds for the “reconstruction” of Ukraine after the war.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) means “irreplaceable token”.
NFT art, music, in-game items and is a digital asset that represents real-world objects such as videos.

Participation in the disintegration of Russia

“We have seen a huge potential in this – most people want to take part in the disintegration of Russia.” – Co-founder of Leavingstone Levan Lefsveridze He told RFE / RL’s Georgian Service.

That’s it Russia Presidents Vladimir Putinbecause it is clear that i was trying to troll Putin calls for the regime to violate the territorial integrity of the country according to implies imprisonment.

Currently all over the world Ukraine Digital donations are collected to help organizations, advocates, and those left in the conflict zone. Millions of Ukrainians have been displaced as a result of the conflict.

Putin In February, he claimed that Ukraine had never been a “real state” and launched an attack on the country a few days later.

Three stages

Russia The first of the three stages of the project “Sold” is the auction of 2443 regions of Russia. The name, field and “coat of arms” are displayed on the cards. Potential buyers choose land for themselves from an interactive map.

So far, Etereum worth $ 18,704 has been obtained from the sale of 23 provinces.

Leavingstone reports that, Digital funds will be transferred to the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine. Since the beginning of the occupation, this ministry has been waging a cyber war, disinformation snowtakes the bottle, to Russia snowInvolves IT volunteers.

In the second phase of the project, large Russian architecture, including the Kremlin, the luxurious “Putin Palace” will be put up for sale. Palace located on the Black Sea coast 1 billion It is reported that it cost $.

In the final stage, the “scarecrow of the grandfather of the Red Revolution”, ie “Lenin himself” will be sold.

Lefsveridze project 10He says it was prepared by -15 a month. “In response to Russia’s imperialist aggression, we have decided to sell Russian territory in good faith. Putin is known for seizing territory from other countries. Let him taste his medicine, ”the project’s website said.

Other projects

Tens of millions of dollars in cryptocurrency donations have been made to Ukraine since the Russian occupation began.

The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine also launched a project to sell oil in March. As part of the project “Meta History Museum of War”, well-known Ukrainians, organizations or the international media tweeted, social Moments covered in media posts are put up for sale.

This ministry is called Noosphere NGOalso cooperates with #ArtForLife project. The purpose of the project is to provide $ 500,000 for the defense of Ukraine dollars is to collect.


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