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A large cemetery was reportedly discovered near Mariupol

Earlier, Mariupol Mayor Vadim Boychenko said there was a “brotherhood grave” near Mangush

Satellite photos of the Ukrainian city of Mariupol 20 kilometers Russia A 300-meter-long mass grave was discovered in the occupied village of Mangush.

This was reported by RFE / RL Ukraine “Scheme” project of the service.

Journalists of the project obtained satellite photos of the area, which is believed to be a mass grave.

Previously, the mayor of Mariupol Vadim Boychenko He said that there was a “brotherhood grave” near Mangush.

He said that, “The bodies of Mariupol residents were brought here by trucks.”

Satellite photos also show that the cemetery was formed in late March.

There is no such cemetery in the photos taken on March 23, but in the photos taken on March 29, it is already 300 meters long. gaslooks like a trench.

The photos probably show the equipment that dug the grave.

In satellite photos taken on April 9, the ravine stretched a bit and part of it appears to be grounded.

Adviser to the Mayor of Mariupol Pyotr Andryushchenko “Scheme” told reporters that, Russia Soldiers bring the bodies of residents from the city’s industrial zone. There are large refrigerators in that area.

Journalists remind that, The length of the tomb found in Bucha was 14 meters and 70 bodies were found there. The length of the cemetery near Mangush is more than 300 meters.

Putin’s mercy or weakness?

Russia troops and The so-called DPRK troops have been besieging Mariupol since early March.

There are heated street fights. Most of the city came under the control of the occupiers.

In Mariupol as well as between 1500-3000 Ukraine It is estimated that there are soldiers.

They are mainly members of the Azov Regiment of the 36th Marine Brigade.

Ukraine Deputy Prime Minister Irina Vereshchukto the information provided by according to The city also has about 120,000 residents.

On April 21, Russian President Vladimir Putin Putin The attack on the territory of the Mariupol industrial zone – Azovstal plant has stopped.

The besieged Azov Regiment continues to resist here.

Putin explained that, Russian soldier by stopping that attack and losses among officers snowwants to buy a bottle.


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