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Elon Musk has set up a holding company to buy Twitter

Elon Musk Twitterhas registered three holding companies in the United States as part of its acquisition plan. Theoretically, all the companies in which Musk has a stake in one of these three holding companies could merge in the future. It was noted in the report that, Name of each of the 3 holding companies registered in the United States X Holdings are variants of the name. US Securities and To the Exchange Commission (SEC) Musk according to the submitted documents and Investors acting as its partners plan to invest in one of these holding companies in order to provide funding for the purchase of Twitter shares under the tender offer.

If this happens, Twitter will become part of one of the three holding companies. It is unknown whether the new holding will cover other Musk companies. Musk announced plans to establish the holding in 2012. 2020In, he held the holding “X“It’s a very good idea to call it.” It should also be noted that, Musk as well is the owner of the domain and once in this domain PayPalwere the servers of the payment service, which is considered the ancestor of.

Tesla and SpaceXother than Neuralink with Boring Company Musk, who owns companies, voiced the idea of ​​merging businesses into a single holding in an interview last week. Musk said at the time that, It will be very difficult to create such a holding company. So. that, While Tesla’s shares are traded on the stock exchange, other companies have the status of private companies. At the same time, the investment base of each company is completely different. Musk is likely to unite all companies within one holding that, Google of the company way will have to go with. So. that, Google Restructuring in 2015 Alphabet Inc. created a holding called and was part of it.

Azerbaijan news

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