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Google will prevent developers from integrating call recording into applications

Google company Android will prevent developers from integrating call recording into applications. In this direction Google Play Storewill make some changes in its policy. The changes will take effect on May 11. Thus Google Special features for external developers to implement the function of recording calls in their applications, based on changes in the policy of the Play Store APIwill be banned from use. It is interesting that, this ban will only cover third-party applications. That is, the ban will not apply to such a function, which exists in the device’s own system.

for example Google Pixel There is such a feature in the systems of smartphones and The ban will not cover those smartphones. It should be noted that, Google for many years that, attempts to implement the call recording function on its platform snowtries to get the bottle. So. that, still Andorid 6.0 In the operating system, the company disabled the special call recording API. With this API, developers could easily integrate call recording into their applications.

After disabling the API, the developers began to look for different ways to implement this function in their applications. Android 9.0 and Android 10 it became increasingly difficult to implement the call recording function in operating systems. It seems that the bans adopted by the company will deprive third-party applications of this function altogether. However, the company did not say what the consequences of applications with this feature will be after May 11. No exception that, those apps will simply be removed from the Google Play Store. However, users will be able to download these applications from external resources.

Azerbaijan news

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