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Mediation dispute in Karabakh – 24 hours


On April 18 Moscow held Russia– The main theses of the joint statement voiced at the meeting of Armenian leaders on April 6, Ilham Aliyev and The statements made at the meeting between Nicole Pashinyan in Brussels differed little. Vladimir Putin and The document signed by Nicole Pashina did not mention the peace agreement, the opening of communications and The importance of clarifying borders was noted.

The Kremlin leader mentioned it several times at the Moscow meeting and Irritated in Baku snowExpressions such as “Nagorno-Karabakh”, “Security of Nagorno-Karabakh” on April 6 Europe It was not included in the statement issued on behalf of the President of the Council of the Union Charles Michel. Unlike the Kremlin, Brussels supports the settlement of the conflict within the framework of Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity and Urges Yerevan to Lower Expectations on Karabakh Status…

As expected, Russia and Conflicts between the West, which turned into a war, also undermined the long-standing mediation mission in the Karabakh conflict. Yesterday’s mediators today began to blame each other on all issues, including the conflict settlement process. The West is quietly in the Minsk Group Russia ceased cooperation with Moscow, and Moscow attacked.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharov today made harsh remarks to the West while answering questions from local media. “USA and Europe At a time when the European Union (EU) is increasing high diplomatic activity in the normalization of relations between Azerbaijan and Armenia, the US and Did the French co-chairs appeal to the Russian side to restore the mechanism? ” In response to a question, Zakharov said that, Paris and Washington rejects the OSCE Minsk Group, and Brussels wants to take away Russia’s mediation in the Armenian-Azerbaijani reconciliation.

The Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman stressed that high diplomatic activity arose after the paralysis of the Minsk Group between Washington and Paris. The spokesman accused Brussels of “shamelessly” calling the agreements reached at the highest level between Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia. It is the delimitation of the borders between Azerbaijan and Armenia and He listed the proposals submitted by the Minsk Group last year on the demarcation of the country, the restoration of transport communications, as well as the solution of humanitarian problems, and the preparation of a peace agreement between Baku and Yerevan.

Zakharov of Russia 10 November, as well as 11 of 2021 January and He stressed his commitment to the statements made on November 26: “We are also a historical friendship and alliance and We are determined to influence by all means the conclusion of a peace agreement between Azerbaijan and Armenia, with which we have partnership relations “. Brussels has not yet commented on the allegations.

Thus, the West-Russia snowAzerbaijan and Negotiations between Armenia have once again caused a crisis. This is an undesirable situation for official Baku, because Western mediation is more acceptable for a just peace, and the position expressed at the Brussels meeting is also favorable for the Azerbaijani leadership. Nicole Pashinyan said that after a five-hour meeting with Charles Michel, she accepted the five-point basic principles proposed by Baku. Europe The Union is committed to the protection of the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan and a just settlement of the conflict and considers it a key condition for the establishment of lasting peace in the region.

Russia, on the other hand Putin-Pashinyan showed again at the meeting that, far from this position. Moscow does not talk about peace at all, but with the opening of communications under its moderation and wants the border demarcation process to begin. But no specific time has been set for this. The theses contained in the post-war agreements are listed again and that’s it. In other words, the status quo created after the 44-day war should be frozen until Moscow finds it acceptable.

Zakharova’s statement shows that, Russia is outraged by Western mediation initiatives. Undoubtedly that, the parties to the conflict are under constant pressure and Nicole Pashinyan on April 19 Moscow felt these pressures deeply.

Probably that, Zakharov’s position was conveyed to the Azerbaijani leadership at a higher level. Of course, Putin would be better for that, Together with Pashinyan president Ilham Aliyev is also on April 19 Moscow let it be and Let the West be disappointed again. It cannot be ruled out that such an invitation was sent, but rejected.

Thus, a complicated situation has arisen. Will Pashinyan set up a joint commission to clarify the borders with Azerbaijan by April 30, in accordance with his commitment in Brussels? Will Yerevan be interested in discussing the process with the mediation of the West or Moscow, within the framework of a tripartite commission set up by it? Russia to Armenia to reduce Brussels activity and What other pressure can it put on Azerbaijan? What steps will Azerbaijan take?

These questions may be partially clarified in the coming weeks. because snowThe first step in the agreement reached in Brussels should be taken within a week. So far, neither Baku nor Yerevan have appointed their representatives to the border commission. At the same time, the tripartite commission set up in Moscow did not announce the meetings. Let’s wait…


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