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Real photos of Apple’s new charger adapter with two USB Type-C ports have appeared

Apple Real photos of the company’s new accessory, which has not yet been presented, appeared on the Internet. Conversation, 2 pieces USB Type-C goes from the charging adapter with the input. Insiders have acquired several versions of this charger adapter for different markets. Real photos of the charger adapter Twitterin Majin Bu nicknamed insider. Thus, according to the submitted photos Apple of the company 35 watts The new adapter with two USB Type-C inputs will be available as well as for some markets Lightning the cable will also be available. However, in some markets the Lightning adapter will be sold wirelessly. It should be noted that, some time ago Apple Information about the new accessory appeared in the support section of the company’s official website.

But mass information After the media looked at the information, the company quickly deleted it. Thanks to real photos, another piece of information about the adapter has also been confirmed. So. that, was informed that, The new charger adapter will have a foldable hook section. This feature makes it even more compact. It is expected that the new charging adapter will be able to charge 2 Apple devices at the same time. Two USB Type-C inputs are also designed for this purpose. When will the charger be available? and There is no information on the price at which it will be sold. In September iPhone 14 can be presented together with the smartphone series.

Azerbaijan news

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