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The brother of the deputy who died in custody was arrested


Former who died in custody deputy Rafael Jabrailov’s brother, the head of the “Immediate” construction company, Elshan Jabrailov, was arrested in the courtroom on April 22. This happened in the Baku Court of Appeal.

Although Jabrailov was detained on 11 April on the basis of complaints from various citizens, the Narimanov District Court refused to detain him for the duration of the investigation. The prosecutor’s office’s presentation was not provided. The prosecutor’s office also appealed against the court’s decision. The protest was considered on April 22.

Judge Habil Mammadov upheld the prosecutor’s appeal and Jabrailov was sentenced to one month in prison for the investigation. She snowHe was charged with fraud, causing extensive damage.

His brother’s name was also mentioned in the criminal case against the late deputy. Prior to his death, while briefly commenting on the charges in court, he also accused his brother of being imprisoned because of him. After her death, her husband, known as his legal heir, also arrested her husband according to His brother-in-law filed a motion to prosecute Elshan Jabrailov. However, the petition was not granted.

“Rafael Jabrailov got involved in usury”

Jabrailov, who was questioned as a witness in his brother’s case, disagreed with the accusations. He commented on the issue of the victims, who claimed that they had given money to buy an apartment or non-residential area from “Darhal” LLC, but did not buy the property or return the money. that, Although he was the official head of the company, the decisions were made by Rafael Jabrailov: “Our older brother was a surrogate father. Rafael Jabrailov got involved in usury. There was nothing in the middle of how many people he took money from usury. Money slowly began to disappear. Our 15 years of hard work have been in vain. I gave him the last object we had. He often made wrong decisions. Our relations deteriorated to that extent that, In 2017, we signed an act with him. After that, he will not ask for money, he will not throw evil and it was an act stating that there would be no other demands. We had to do it. ”

However, some of the victims in court and Their lawyers accused Elshan Jabrailov and demanded that he be brought to justice.


Milli Assembly III, IV and V call deputyRafael Jabrailov was charged with fraud, abuse of office (causing serious consequences) and causing extensive damage.

Commenting on the accusation in court, Jabrailov said he did not agree with him: “I do not feel guilty at all.”

In 2019, Jabrailov’s 300 thousand dollars debt according to two calls Milli Assembly deputyIn order to deprive him of his mandate after the issue of mortgaging his ID cards arises parliamenthad applied to. In September 2019, the CEC decided to deprive him of his mandate.

Eleven people were identified as victims in the criminal case. Among them are Isfandiyar Akhundov, head of Sharur MTC, which is engaged in the construction of multi-storey buildings, and Malahat Gurbanova, pawnshop owner. and there are others. It is claimed that a total of 2,571,000 manat was seized from 11 people.

Jabrailov died on September 30 at the New Clinic, where he was treated for a coronavirus. However, his trial is ongoing. The law according to, one of the close relatives in the criminal case is recognized as the legal heir when a person who has not entered into force dies in custody. If the deceased has not pleaded guilty, or if the legal heir insists on his innocence, the trial continues. In the end, he is either convicted or acquitted. If a person is found guilty, he is sentenced, but the criminal case in connection with his death is terminated. (Radio Liberty)

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