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When will human civilization reach the level of type I civilization on the Kardashev scale?

California Institute of Technology scientists in their new scientific work on our civilization Kardashev scale on Type I civilization tried to find out whether it would reach the appropriate level of technological development. There are several methods designed to measure the level of development of human civilization. One of these methods is based on how much energy we can consume. If we accept energy consumption as one of our most useful abilities, then we can assume that other civilizations in the universe have the same abilities. This, in turn, is an indicator of energy consumption by civilization, which determines its level of technological development. The Kardashev scale is based on this principle. The scale in question USSR astrophysicist Nikolai Kardashev was established in 1964 by. On his scale, Kardashev divided civilizations into three types:

Type I civilization: Such a civilization is able to consume an amount of energy equal to the amount of energy coming to its planet from its home star

Type II civilization: This kind of civilization can use all the energy of its star

Type III civilization: Such a civilization has reached such a level of development that, it can use all the energy of its native galaxy.

Comparison of different types of civilizations on the Kardashev scale and watt levels of energy they consume:

“Despite the fact that people use a lot of energy, we are not even a type I civilization,” said a scientist from the California Institute of Technology. Jonathan Jiang noted. Approximately to the Earth 10 top 16 watts in volume Solar energy arrives. But our civilization is his 10 top 13 watts uses volume. That’s it according to Scientists have also asked themselves the question: In general, can we reach the level of civilization I on the Kardashev scale? “On the other hand, the required level of energy consumption can be achieved through the priority production of that energy on Earth. Because to get all the solar energy and At the same time, it is impossible to keep the Earth fertile for life, ”said Jonathan Jiang. As part of their research, scientists have studied three main energy sources:

Residual fuel energy derived from the type

Energy from nuclear power plants

Renewable energy sources.

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