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Will Vahid Alakbarov return to Baku? – 24 hours

Vahid Alakbarov assessed the situation for the next period and made such a decision without any outside influence.

This oil-gas Ilham Shaban, President of LUKOIL Public Joint Stock Company, Russia Vahid Alakbarov is a member of the company’s Board of Directors and Speaking about the reasons for his resignation, the President said:

“I think Vahid Assessing the situation for the next period, Alakbarov made such a decision without any outside influence. 2015 JanuaryHe decided to leave his business in Ukraine. Because since then Ukraine with Russia between snowhe saw how the rush would unfold. He founded the first private oil company in the post-Soviet space. Later Russia the largest from the private sector to the budget tax created the company that gave it. ”

To our interlocutor according toAlakbarov understands in the current situation that, Russia has no future if it continues like this:

“She is OK that, Russia it goes back to a timeless period before the perestroika period and At least one generation change will be needed for the country to return to the pre-sanctions period. In short, he understood that, In the current situation, being president of LUKOIL is of no use to him. In fact, this step of Alakbarov can be called the second such resignation after the departure of Anatoly Chubais.

According to I.Shaba, V. Alakbarov, who started his career in Baku, will return to Baku sooner or later. (Qaynarinfo)


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