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Zelensky says Mariupol has resisted

Russia Some US officials have announced travel bans

In the besieged Ukrainian city of Mariupol Russia resistance to forces continues. That’s it President Volodimir Zelenski said on April 22. Russia Before that, it was a strategic port city on the shores of the Sea of ​​ ” The city has been under intense fire for two months, killing thousands and causing extensive damage.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin April 21 in Mariupol “free Azovstal ordered to stop the attack on the iron and steel plant. He explained his decision by the fact that there was no need to risk the lives of Russian soldiers. Several thousand soldiers in Azovstal and There are reportedly thousands of civilians.

Zelenski he says the war continues.

“The occupiers are in the south of our country and They are doing everything to talk about at least some victories in the east. “ He said in a video message.

“Injured in bunkers and there are dead “

From the defenders of Azovstal Svyatoslav Palamar He told the BBC that, The surface part of the plant was mostly destroyed. “Injured in bunkers and there are the dead. “Some civilians are left under the destroyed buildings.” He said.

Ukraine Authorities say Russian forces continue to attack the plant.

President of France Emmanuel Macron He called on Russia to respect international law and allow civilians to leave Mariupol.

Britain The army released a daily statement on April 22 that, Putin’s decision to block Azovstal shows his desire to prevent resistance in Mariupol.

“A full-scale Russian attack on the plant would have resulted in serious losses and reduced its combat capability,” he said. – is emphasized in the information.

Aya 7 billion dollars

Britain The army says fighting continues in the Donbas and that Russia is trying to advance in eastern Ukraine.

President of the United States Cho Biden also questioned Russia’s claim of victory in Mariupol, in addition to Ukraine 1.3 billion announced aid in dollars.

Zelenski help according to thanked and said his country needed more help. According to him according toweapons for war and in addition to money, economic losses snowto the country every month to whine 7 billion will need up to $

World in Washington Bankı and Zelensky said in a virtual speech at a meeting of leaders of the International Monetary Fund that, Tens of thousands of buildings and important infrastructure have been destroyed in the country, and hundreds of billions have been spent on their reconstruction dollars will need.

Travel ban from Russia

Russia has announced a travel ban on some US officials. The list includes the Vice President of the United States Kamala HarrisHead of Meta Company executionçı director Mark Zuckerberghas the names of 27 more famous Americans.

The Russian Foreign Ministry called it “Russia snowHe called for a “Russophobic approach” in the United States, saying it was in response to “expanding sanctions.”

The list includes Deputy Defense Minister Kathleen HicksA Pentagon spokesman Con KorbiTV presenter Corc StefanopolosAuthor of The Washington Post David IgnatiusEditor of the Medusa news site Kevin RotrokState Department spokesman Ned Price also has.

Price told a briefing at the State Department that he was honored to be on the travel ban list. As for the need to postpone any plans to visit Russia, “Fortunately, I don’t have a ruble, and even if I did, it would still be worthless.” He replied.

Russia has previously pursued a “Russophobic” policy according to It imposed similar bans on 61 Canadians.


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