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It was expected. The Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan Moscow Russia After returning from a meeting with President Vladimir Putin parliament reiterated the Kremlin’s theses at the meeting. Before we move on to what he said that, in Brussels on 6 April Europe Before the Aliyev-Pashinyan meeting mediated by the President of the Council of the Union Charles Michel and then the Armenian opposition to Pashinyan snowşi series protest had begun his actions. The separatists in Karabakh have the same thesis, the Prime Minister snowput ultimatum requirements on the glass. The Kremlin is in full control of the past political These forces, led by the elite, accused Pashkina of handing over Karabakh to Azerbaijan. Russia The administration did not comment on the Brussels meeting on the eve, but Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharov said yesterday. Europe He accused his union of stealing Russia’s peace initiatives after the 44-day war. Apparently, the Kremlin and The positions of the Armenian opposition, as well as the separatists in Karabakh, completely coincide.

What happened in Brussels?

The meeting on April 6 lasted 5 hours and agreed issues Europe President of the Council of the Union Charles Michel announced. It was stated in a statement issued on his behalf that, The parties to the conflict have until April 30 to announce the composition of the bilateral commission on demarcation of borders and open communications. and agreed to draft a peace agreement at the level of foreign ministries. Sh. Michel, then President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev stated that, Nicole Pashinyan agreed to draft a peace agreement based on the five basic principles put forward by Baku. A day after the meeting, on April 7, Pashinyan said at a government meeting that, Western partners are asking Armenia to lower its expectations about the status of Karabakh. “It is dangerous for Armenia not to recognize the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, a strong ally of Turkey in the region”– stressed the Prime Minister.

Moscow N.Pashinyan-V.Putin There were few hopes that these EU-brokered agreements would be maintained after the meeting. There are two main reasons for this:

First, the institution of mediation in the settlement of the Karabakh conflict has failed and this issue with the West Russia has become a topic of competition between. European Union Ukraine He sought to take advantage of the situation around him and become more active in resolving the conflict. This activity of Brussels Moscow (Remember Zakharov’s statement – ed.) After the war, the military in the South Caucasuspolitical Russia’s further activation of the West in the region, which further enhances its capabilities snowIt was inevitable.

Secondly, Armenia was a weak point in this issue and as expected, V.Putin He dropped the “blow” from there. Internal Kremlin forces were mobilized, and Pashinyan was summoned to Moscow and he was given an “earplug.”

The Russian leader made a clear statement that, Russia protects the security of Nagorno-Karabakh and 10 The status recognized in the region cannot be changed under the November statement. However, the borders are moderated by Moscow and communication steps must be taken. The finished recipe is 11 January, Is the activation of the tripartite commission envisaged in the November 26 trilateral statements. In other words, there is no need to establish a bilateral commission agreed in Brussels. Execution of both issues is in Moscow’s interests. First, the railway that will pass through Zangazur way and The highway will be under the control of Russian special services. The borders must be determined on the basis of a map of the Soviet era. The Kremlin has ample room for manipulation in this matter as well.

After returning from Moscow, Pashinyan abandoned several important decisions agreed at the Brussels meeting:

The first ruled out the signing of a peace treaty;

Secondly, the Armenian opposition and separatists regarding the status of Karabakh and Their “elder” reiterated Russia’s position: “Artsakh is first and foremost the people who live there. If we had handed over Artsakh, we would not have spent billions of drams to return the Artsakhs to their homes after the 44-day war. I simply rule out the existence of any document that is more or less close to being signed. “

Third, he spoke about the role of the Minsk Group, which no longer exists in the negotiation process.

The Prime Minister said that, Important agreements have been reached in Moscow on the opening of regional communications: “Armenia in this matter and Russia has defined its approach. We are regional security and We paid special attention to stability issues. Armenia, Russia and A trilateral working group at the level of Azerbaijani Deputy Prime Ministers will soon be able to prepare the necessary documents to begin the process of opening communications..

Let `s note that, Pashkina’s remarks cast a shadow over the agreements reached during a meeting with Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev in Brussels on April 6. Because the establishment of a bilateral commission through the mediation of the European Union until April 30 and An agreement was announced to start peace talks between the foreign ministries.

It is unknown how the West will react to his next whim, but Azerbaijan’s adequate response is likely that, will not wait long. The President stated that the signing of a peace agreement on the basis of the three principles proposed by Baku at the V Congress of World Azerbaijanis – Victory Congress in Shusha is the last chance for Armenia: “I consider that, It is necessary to start concrete negotiations in the near future and There is no need to prolong the talks. Because a peace agreement will be signed on the basis of five principles. She according to The text of the agreement can be prepared and signed soon and Thus, relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan, including diplomatic relations, can be established. By making this proposal, we once again show our good intentions and I repeat, we show foresight. The occasional revanchist forces in Armenia should know that, This is the only way out for Armenia and maybe it’s the last chance. If they refuse, we will not recognize the territorial integrity of Armenia, we will officially declare it. Given the consequences of the Second Karabakh War, the Armenian side must understand well that, What will this step lead to “.

President Aliyev also reminded what awaits Armenia if it refuses to sign a peace agreement: “We have destroyed fascism. We saved the South Caucasus from fascism. However, there are still manifestations of fascism, some circles in Armenia and world Armenians, Armenians living abroad are trying to threaten us. But the history of the Second Karabakh War should not be forgotten by them. We have increased our strength. During the year and a half, a lot of work was done in the field of army building. Part of this work was presented to the public, part, of course that, cannot be submitted. But everyone should know that today the Azerbaijani Army has any position execution can do. Both combat capability national spirit, but also morale, weapons, equipment, the creation of new combat units – all this we give him according to Thank you that, There are still manifestations of Armenian fascism and We must be ready at any moment to crush Armenian fascism, if it happens again and we are ready. Armenia knows and understands this well and should never forget that “.

Thus, Azerbaijan’s position is known. Official Baku demands the signing of a peace agreement, not the maintenance of the status quo as Russia wants. Most likely, the issue of trilateral commissions, in which Moscow acts as an arbitrator, is left behind for Azerbaijan. Armenia has until April 30. If Yerevan does not appoint its representatives to the bilateral commission by this date, as Ilham Aliyev said, Azerbaijan may declare that it will not recognize the territorial integrity of Armenia. This means that the conflict has returned to the military phase.


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