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An external application designed to use Google Play on Windows 11 was actually a virus

Windows 11 to users Android which is an application platform Google PlayAn application that allows you to use has appeared on the Internet. The authors of this application are also free to users Microsoft Office package activation and In general, they promise to speed up the process of Windows 11. But in fact, all this is a lie. It should be noted that, One of the latest updates to Windows 11 enabled the support of Android applications for the operating system. But talking, only Amazon AppStore goes from Android applications available on the platform. So in this case Google The Play Store platform is not involved. Scammers take advantage of this opportunity GitHubin Powershell Windows Toolbox published an external application called.

This usage is noted in the description of the application that, guya o, Google Allows you to use the Play Store and Provides other benefits for Windows 11. In fact, this application posted on GitHub by scammers is a common virus. The virus, in turn, helps scammers gather confidential information about users. In addition, the virus allows you to perform malicious operations on the computer system. It should be noted that, The application has already been removed from GitHub. However, those who have installed this application on their computer will have to go through a long process of cleaning their devices. So. that, you will need to delete malicious files from system folders.

Azerbaijan news

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