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China will create a system for the detection and destruction of dangerous asteroids on Earth

Demon Earth with asteroids plans to develop a special system in the coming years to protect against the threat of collisions. Information about it Demon Milli Space Of the Office (CNSA) head Wu Yanhua gave. According to him, the CNSA will try to test the system for monitoring asteroids, which are a source of danger to Earth, in 2025-2026. This system, in turn, will provide the ability to strike an asteroid. As a result of the blow and or the trajectory of another asteroid is expected to change.

According to Wu Yanhua, monitoring of dangerous asteroids is part of this project and surface to provide information about them and It is planned to create a space system. In addition, Chinese experts warn of collisions with dangerous space objects snowThey will also achieve the goal of developing the technologies that will take over. NASAAccording to In the solar system appointed 1.11 million units of asteroids are available. But in fact their number is much higher.

A collision with an asteroid is one of the most serious natural disasters. So. that, The level of destruction caused by a collision with an asteroid is higher than the level of destruction caused by any other catastrophe. The level of damage that can occur as a result of a collision with an asteroid depends on a number of factors. One of the most important of these factors is the size of the asteroid. According to NASA experts, as a real threat to Earth 140 meters and asteroids larger than it. However, even small asteroids can cause serious problems.

Azerbaijan news

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