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The authoritative journalist informed about the changes in the iPhone 14

iPhone 14 The smartphone series is expected to be launched in September this year. Bloomberg authoritative journalist of the site Mark Gurman He also told about the innovations in the iPhone 14. According to Gurman, in 2014 iPhone 6After the presentation of Apple The company has entered a 3-year process of updating the hardware aspects of smartphones. In the first year, the company introduces a completely new look smartphone, in the second year it updates the technical features, keeping the design of the smartphone as it is, and in the third year some changes are made in the design of the smartphone. for example iPhone 12 2020Somewhat new design in and was presented with technical specifications. iPhone 13There was no design change. That’s it according to You can also expect some changes in the iPhone 14.

Flat edges on new iPhone models and although the rounded corners will remain the same iPhone 14 Pro new types of protrusions will be realized on the screens of the models. In addition, the main lenses of the rear cameras will be slightly larger that, let them integrate new camera sensors. Thus, the iPhone 14 Pro models will use two protrusions on the screens. Both protrusions will be placed on top of the screens. One of the protrusions will be oval in shape and in itself Face ID will connect the system. The second protrusion will be round and will include a front camera. This kind of design Apple The necessary camera on the company’s own smartphones and This will be done until you can successfully place Face ID systems at the bottom of the screen.

In addition, the screen size will change. Apple The company’s statistics show it that, Pro Max at a time when models are quite popular mini models are sold in small numbers. As a result, Apple this year iPhone mini will give up the model and him iPhone Max will replace with. As for the screen size, the iPhone 14 and iPhone Pro models 6.1 inches, iPhone 14 Max and iPhone 14 Pro Max while the models 6.7 inches will be equipped with a screen. However, it is assumed that, The iPhone 14 Max model is from the iPhone 14 Pro Max 20It will be sold for $ 0 cheaper. This, in turn, should allow the iPhone 14 Max to sell more. According to available information, one of the distinguishing features of the iPhone 14 Pro models is their 48 MPwill be equipped with a main camera. In this case, the traditional iPhone 14 models 12 MPwill be used from the main camera. In addition, Pro models based on expectations A16 Bionic processor, while the usual iPhone 14 models A15 Bionic will be equipped with a processor.

Azerbaijan news

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