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The FTC claims that those who wanted to kill Solovyov were arrested

Solovyov is one of the strongest TV propagandists in Russia and Ukraine is one of the ideologues of the war with
Russian Federal Security Service (FTX) is a Russian state TV channelhost Vladimir Solovyov of Ukraine national Security Service – A “neo-Nazi” group planning to assassinate on behalf of the SBU has been arrested.
This is stated in a press release issued by the FTC.
FTX claims that, The detainees are members of the banned National Socialism / White Power group in Russia.
This is also noted that, Russia of these citizens is a “homemade explosive device and eight Molotov cocktails, six PM pistols, a shotgun, an RGD-5 grenade, more than a thousand cartridges, drugs and fake Ukraine passports ”were found.
“Russia’s Goebbels analogue”
SBU said in response to this information that, they are systematically working to strengthen Ukraine’s security andRussia special services Russia fantasies for the audience “do not intend to comment seriously:
“Solovyov is not a public figure, but an ordinary propagandist – a Russian analogue of Goebbels and International courts for their crimes after the victory of Ukraine snowHe will answer in the morning. “
Even before the official announcement of the FTC, Russian President Vladimir Putin Putin talked about it.
He said that, The plot is backed by foreign intelligence services:
“Of course, they will try to get rid of it now, but the facts and There is irrefutable evidence. “
According to Putin according to Western countries “deceive their citizens, but here they fail in Russia and to it according to They also decided to resort to terrorism. “
Vladimir Solovyov said in his program on April 23 that,Zelenski complains about it and He demanded that measures be taken in this regard. “
Lukashenko’s line
Solovyov is one of the strongest TV propagandists in Russia and Ukraine is one of the ideologues of the war with.
But 20In 08, Solovyov spoke differently:
“Russia will not have a war with Ukraine. Because anyone who wanted to do that would be a criminal. “
Solovyov’s name Europe Union, Britain, Canada and Included in Australia’s sanctions list.
In July 2021, Belarusian state TV channels aired a story about “Belarusian civil self-defense groups.”
It was reported in the plot that, Allegedly, “destructive cores” have been discovered in Belarus and to pro-government journalist Georgi Azarenko, who allegedly covered the “enemies of Belarus.” snowAssassination plans revealed
Alexander Lukashenko used to say that, “Interesting terrorist groups” have been identified and to the country snowGermany, Ukraine, USA, Poland and “Terrorist” acts are being prepared in connection with Lithuania.


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