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The Karabakh veteran hanged himself from a tree

A Karabakh veteran hanged himself in Gusar.

The incident took place on the night of April 21 in the village of Anig.

So. that, Gahramanov Feyruz Gahraman oglu, a resident of the village, committed suicide by hanging himself from a tree.

Definitely of the village execution spokesman Baba Majidov said that, A war veteran with psychological problems committed suicide for this reason.

“The LIFE Foundation transferred 7,300 manat for his treatment. Although he was treated continuously, there were no results. we execution As a representative office, we always met with him and had psychological talks, “he said. execution the representative said.

According to Baba Majidov according to, Feyruz, born in 1999, is single: “He is very kind and has a good family. During his treatment he was engaged in agriculture and was always on horseback. Rest in peace. It’s a pity that a beautiful person like him lost his life. “

Note that. F. Gahramanov is a participant of the 44-day Patriotic War. According to relatives according tohe was wounded in the war and to it according to was treated.


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