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Dmitry Medvedev – a technocrat who travels with the iPhone

Political career and Vladimir’s huge fortune Putinformer president who owes Dmitri Medvedev in an article in the Kommersant newspaper in October last year Ukraine attacking leaders, calling them “weak”, “non-independent” and He called them “corrupt” and wrote that talks with them were meaningless.

In an article described by Western analysts as chauvinistic, Medvedev described himself as Jewish Ukraine President Vladimir Zelensky is accused of being attached to the “most frantic” nationalist forces political and accused him of completely changing his moral compass.

But to many observers according toMedvedev could say the same about himself.

56-year-old former lawyer 20In 08 Putin by president There were even those who hoped for reforms when he took office.

Returning to the presidency in 2012 Putin he never left that chair again. He did his best to silence dissidents, the West and With Kiev snowand the rage was constantly increasing.

In recent months, Putin has narrowed his circle and launched a large-scale armed attack on Ukraine. Medvedev may have written the article to stay close to his boss. His arguments in this article are also Putin’s West and Ukraine repeats his traditional rhetoric about.

In today’s toxic environment in Russia, officials, deputies, state television presenters competed with each other with militarist statements. However, Medvedev created a more moderate image of a technocrat walking around with an iPhone.

University of Syracuse political professor of sciences Brian Taylor he says that, power after being removed from the post of prime minister two years ago and Medvedev, who has lost much of his authority, is trying to stay on the political agenda with his actions.

In March social In a post shared by the media, Medvedev Poland, Slovakia and By train to support the Czech president Zelensky KyivHe likened his arrival to Lenin’s return from Germany to Russia in 1917, on the eve of the Bolshevik coup.

Medvedev claims that, The Polish elite suffers from Russophobia as it lost control of the Moscow throne 400 years ago. However, for some reason it is more recent events, for example, in the decades of the USSR in Poland and Needless to say, he controlled his neighbors.

Professor of History at Yale University and specialist in the region Timothy Snyder he calls this post “grotesque.” According to him, Medvedev is thus a simple center and East Europe treats its citizens as populists.

“But it is a caricature of the global elite; rich for no reason, what to do to the people of a foreign country and tries to dictate how they think, supports a destructive war that serves no purpose other than its own comfort. ”– Snyder wrote in a blog post.

Opposition activist Alexei Navalny is currently in prison and Medvedev’s group of charities as a result of a study conducted by his team in 2017 and from magnates using a nonprofit organization and from state banks 1.2 billion dollars It turned out that he collected donations and then used the money to buy expensive assets, including luxury homes.

Analysts say that, Medvedev is partly accused of this corruption according to He was removed from Putin’s inner circle. Former Prime Minister Mikhail Abizov, a former ally of Medvedev who lost much of his former political clout, and businessman Ziyavudin and Magomed Magomedov’s brothers are in prison. The results of surveys according toMedvedev is one of the least trusted politicians in the country.

To analysts according toAt a time when the war in Ukraine is overshadowing Russia’s future, the atmosphere around Putin is more tense than ever. In such a situation, the attack on “weak elements” within the elite is growing. An employee of the New American Security Center, one of the think tanks in Washington Maria Sneqovaya he says that, This will be a big part of the dynamics, especially in the context of deteriorating economic conditions. According to him according toNo one around Putin, including Medvedev, to be one of those weak elements in the current persecution andso he would not want to be attacked.

Arkady Dvorkovich, a former close adviser to Medvedev, went to war last month and for expressing concern about civilians judge an influential person from the party deputy was accused of high treason. He soon had to step down from the leadership of the Skolkovo Foundation, a technology hub in the Moscow region.


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